Plan orders

Being able to plan trips and cargos deliveries is the major feature of LogistIT. It’s the core of the entire system.

With LogistIT you are able to:

  • Plan trips between multiple points
  • Manage cargo loading
  • Optimize routes
  • Designate docks
  • Follow progress on deliveries

Our system allows you to pinpoint and describe cargos. This allows you to get a clear overview if your loads are scattered over a region. If dealing with a regular client, you can let our system to automatically create a cargo for the vehicle, eliminating the need to repeat repetitive tasks. When mapping cargos, you can also make use of our SmartTag solution.

With LogistIT you can map loading areas. This allows you to check when trucks arrived to pick up cargo or when they reached their destination.  Our system also alerts you when the truck was late. Know exactly when and where delays occur.

LogistIT automatically finds the shortest route to the destination, but you can also map the route yourself. If there are multiple destinations, LogistIT can optimize the route for you, finding the shortest possible solution. This will save you fuel and time, increasing productivity.

We want to give you the best overview of your trip status. To help us do that, we have created an indicator displaying the progress of every vehicle.  You can clearly see how far along the delivery is, letting you know if you are on schedule.