Manage Personnel

Having all the information about drivers one click away is crucial in running a smooth operation. That’s why we have created a simple yet powerful interface, where you can add all the necessary information to your driver’s profile.

For example you can add:

  • spoken languages
  • Emergency contacts
  • Licence numbers
  • Visas and due dates
  • Health inspection due dates
  • Areas they  can work
  • Attach files to a profile (Contracts, pictures etc.)

There are no limits to what you can add to one’s profile. Everything is colour-codable and easily readable. Everything you add, you can make searchable and filter drivers accordingly. You want to see only drivers who work in Europe? Not a problem.

Using LogistIT you can also review alerts that the driver has caused and review their performance.

You can also:

  • Write comments
  • Exchange messages

Commenting personnel, is a good way to keep track of important information. Perhaps the driver has made a mistake. These can be all noted under comments as they occur to see if it is becoming a habit.