How does LogistIT work?

LogistIT is the most intuitive and easy-to-use fleet management tool for both the fleet managers and managing directors to use. By combining the simple yet feature-rich scheduling with tracking service, we help fleet managers to reduce their workload by up to 40%!

But don’t let the simple interface trick you – “behind the scenes” are sophisticated algorithms which provide very powerful features:

Schedule the cargos, vehicles and drivers

Get rid of the endless Excel worksheets and start using LogistIT, which is designed to meet the needs of fleetmanagers in a user-friendly way.

Rapid on-site editing. LogistIT makes the scheduling and planning the fleet unbelievably easy. With only a couple of clicks you can add cargos, change the status of vehicles and assign drivers.

Quick changing. In the real world things change. In logistics, you have to adjust the plan every once in a while. With LogistIT you don’t have to scribble anything down on the paper – just edit it on the web.

Easily customizable. Each company is different. Maybe you need to see which languages each driver speak? Or which visas do they have? Maybe you want to see the volume of each of your vehicles? Our SmartTags® solution helps you to customize LogistIT to meet your needs.

Monitor your fleet real-time

Other tracking solutions provide you with only the position of the vehicle. LogistIT provides you also with the information whether everything is going according to the plan. We identify the problems as they emerge and will let you know immediately.

Receive alerts. With LogistIT, you will receive a message as soon as something is not going as planned, for example when a vehicle is off-course or unlikely to meet the deadline. This feature saves fleet managers a lot of time of constantly keeping an eye on the vehicles.

Communicate with drivers. LogistIT provides you with a user-friendly interface to send and send messages to drivers. You can also see the whole communication history.