Manage Fleet

The bigger your fleet, the harder it is to keep track of every vehicle’s health. Our Fleet management system makes sure you’re aware when something needs to be fixed. With LogistIT you can describe all the vehicles in the system and add any piece of information you find necessary.

For example you can add:

  • Notifications for routine maintenance
  • Insurance due dates
  • Tax due dates
  • Vehicle type
  • Vin Numbers
  • Trailer Connection
  • Documents (contracts, pictures, etc.)

Whatever you want to add, you can. Another great thing about it is that every tag you add, you can make searchable. So perhaps you want to filter out trucks with specific trailer connections, you can do that! You will always find what you are looking for.

You can add comments to different vehicles, ensuring that everybody who is looking at it, is on the same page. It also marks a timestamp and a name of the person who commented the vehicle. Sometimes the most powerful features are the simplest.

You can also:

  • Check vehicle route history
  • Check trips completed by that vehicle
  • Check the driver of the vehicle
  • Exchange messages with the driver
  • Monitor fuel usage