LogistIT is a software designed for fleet managers to help them in all aspects of their job. By using data collected from GPS with our communications module, fleet managers can command bigger fleets more efficiently.

LogistIT is more than a fleet management system, it is a solution.

Read more about our features below:

Dispatch vehicles LogistIT uses an integrated two-way messaging system for sending out orders to the drivers.
Plan orders LogistIT lets you create trips and queue up jobs for drivers, allowing you to plan ahead.
Track vehicles We use GPS positioning devices to track your vehicles. Nothing happens without you knowing it.
Manage fleet Our system monitors your fleet proactively, alerting you before problems arise.
Manage personnel Create driver profiles and keep people’s information one click away.
SmartTags® One of a kind information storing solution, making sure you always find what you need.
Share Locations Show your clients exactly where their deliveries are.